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Happy Halloween! Pre-Trick-or-Treating Supper

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Halloween can end up being a lot of work, am I right?  Costumes to put together, flashlights to find, decorations to put up, candy to purchase.  And dinner to make on top of all of that?

Here is a simple make-ahead solution so that you can enjoy your little devils a bit more!

Pulled Pork with Apples

In the summer I make this recipe with nectarines or  peaches, as seen in the image here.  For Fall, adding apples is just as scrumptious!

Here is the recipe:

1– 2 1/2 – 3 lb. pork loin roast or pork shoulder roast
2 cups Pomegranate-Chipotle BBQ Sauce or store bought gluten-free BBQ sauce (try Annie’s gluten-free version)
2 Fuji apples, peeled, pit removed, roughly chopped
4  oz. can green chilies, chopped

Place pork shoulder in roasting pan with lid, I love my Le Creuset.  Pour BBQ sauce over top.  Spread apple chunks over pork.  Add chopped green chilies.

Place in center of oven at 325˚ for 60 minutes.  Remove roast from over and turn over, ladle juices on top of meat.  Return to oven for 40 minutes.  Or, place in crock pot on low setting for 4 hours.

Remove roast from oven.  With two forks, pull pork apart and stir pot to combine juices with sauce and meat.  If desired, stir in 2 more tablespoons BBQ sauce before serving.

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Book Review From!

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

By Becky Berowski

Founder and CEO, Elizabeth Kaplan, Dishin’ with doB

5 23 12 mindbodybeauty thepurepantry image 1 310x442 The Pure PantryFounder of  The Pure Pantry, Elizabeth Kaplan became gluten free when she learned that not only was she diagnosed with celiac disease, but her two children were also sensitive to gluten as well as various other foods.  She began taking family recipes and converting them to gluten-free versions. This soon lead her to develop her own products and recipes to put in the market place making it easier for the rest of us to make the change.

Who: Elizabeth Kaplan of The Pure Pantry

Where:, with stores across the country.

What do you believe is the most important reason to go gluten free?

The most important reason would be severe allergies or gluten intolerance issues. Those with celiac disease, such as me, must adhere to a 100% gluten-free diet.

Should people who don’t have celiac disease go gluten free?

Certainly, there are other reasons to go gluten-free.  Many nutritionists and doctors maintain that a gluten-free diet lowers inflammation in the body. There are also other auto-immune related disorders that improve with a gluten-free diet such as arthritis, diabetes, and psoriasis.

What is your favorite gluten free product?

Besides my own products, I can’t live without Udi’s multigrain gluten-free bread and bagels.

How do you balance being a mom and a business woman?

I am very fortunate to have wonderful and supportive business partners, my mom and husband! I am also fortunate that my children admire what I do and that they look at me as role model. I feel that by balancing work and motherhood I am teaching my children how to have a full and rewarding life.

5 23 12 mingboydbeauty thepurepantry image 2 310x464 The Pure PantryCan people who are gluten free still eat out at restaurants easily?

There is always the risk of cross contamination for those with celiac disease.  It takes a lot of diligence for me to explain exactly what I can and can’t eat, and there are often problems. In general, I stick to grilled veggies, grilled fish or a salad but still have to be careful that the salad dressing or sauce served with my meal is gluten-free, and that my food is prepared in a separate pan with separate utensils. I limit my meals out – thank goodness I like to cook!

What is one beauty product you always keep with you?

Gluten-free lipstick by Ecco Bella.  I also have to use gluten-free shampoo and conditioner and am always trying new products to find the best one.  So far it has been easy!

Any advice for someone just starting a gluten free diet?

At first it seems very daunting to start a new lifestyle, but once you are committed, you will love how you feel!

Elizabeth Kaplan’s cookbook, Fresh From Elizabeth’s Kitchen, that she was gracious enough to send me, has kept me healthy and happy this past week. Also, her chocolate chip cookie mix and whole grain dark chocolate mix have helped me have a quick dessert for all the May babies I’m celebrating this month.

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Gluten-free Product Reviews |Food Review 101 Gives The Pure Pantry Products a Thumbs-Up!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012


Product Review from Food Review 101

A while back, we reviewed The Pure Pantry company and their line of gluten-free baking mixes that you actually couldn’t even tell were gluten-free in the first place, which is why we decided to take a look at the other products in their line of gluten-free goodies. “Elizabeth Kaplan, founder and CEO of The Pure Pantry, is a trained teacher and chef. Her appreciation and passion for fine organic foods began at a young age…when Elizabeth was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2002, she was disappointed in the lack of healthy, good tasting, gluten-free products on the market”, which is why she decided to create her own line of gluten-free products that would not only satisfy her, but the masses as well. For this review, we’ll be looking at The Pure Pantry’s line of gluten-free baking mixes–Buckwheat Flax Pancake and Baking Mix, Old Fashioned Pancake and Baking Mix, Whole Grain Dark Chocolate Cake Mix, and their Organic All-Purpose Baking Mix–that we weren’t able to touch on in our first review of The Pure Pantry. For more information on The Pure Pantry, be sure to head to their very informative and aesthetically pleasing web-site. Also, don’t forget to check out the Food Review 101 Facebook page.

If you’ve read our previous reviews of The Pure Pantry, then you know that they have some pretty high standards to live up to, which is why we were really excited to write up our second review on their line of gluten-free baking mixes. The first mix we tried out was the Buckwheat Flax Pancake and Baking Mix, and we actually used the recipe on the back of the package to help guide us to making some really great pancakes. After we combined our mix, egg, milk, and some cooking oil, we headed for the hot stove to make up some gluten-free pancakes. Our pancakes actually turned out quite fluffy and very tasty, and if anyone would be hard-pressed to actually pick these gluten-free pancakes out of a pancake line-up. The best thing about these mixes though, is that you can actually use it for other recipes as well. The package offers up other recipes for waffles, crepes, and muffins, but if those aren’t enough for you, then head to the Pure Pantry web-site for additional ideas. Next, we tried using the Whole Grain Dark Chocolate Cake Mix, but instead of making a daunting chocolate cake, we used the cupcake recipe instead. After we combined our cake mix, eggs, milk, vegetable oil, and hot water, we stuck it in the oven for 350F for 18 minutes. What came out of the oven was a very chocolaty and moist cupcake that would surely please anyone looking to get their chocolate fix. The texture was really great, oddly enough, but the cool thing about these cupcakes is that they’re made from a bunch of really cool flours– quinoa, brown rice, sorghum, and potato starch–that are a lot more beneficial than the standard flour found in other baking mixes. After we tried the first two mixes out, we headed for their Organic All Purpose Baking Mix, and followed their directions for making a gluten-free banana bread. After mixing and baking our bread, we were pleasantly surprised with the flavor and texture of this gluten-free bread. The flavor of this bread was nothing but pure banana, while the texture was soft and chewy like the banana bread we used to eat growing up. Lastly, we tried out the Organic Old Fashioned Pancake & Baking Mix, and this mix differed just a bit from the buckwheat and flax mix that we talked about first. This mix gave us a much more traditional pancake that a lot of people are more accustomed to, simply because it looked and tasted like a regular pancake that’s packed with gluten. For anyone searching to lower the amount of gluten in their diet, or anyone looking for a healthier pancake mix that will save them time in the morning, we highly recommend you give The Pure Pantry a try. Overall (4 out of 5).   Read More …

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Detoxifying Cleanse | Wholeliving 28 Day Challenge

Friday, January 13th, 2012


Cleanse | Detox Your Body, Reduce Inflammation, Heal the Gut


Are you ready to start off the new year with a healthy detoxifying cleanse?  Cleansing the body of toxins, giving the organs a break, letting the gut heal from damage, reducing inflammation in the body, clearing up the skin, getting rid of bad habits, and weight loss are all benefits of cleansing.  I am following the Wholeliving 28-Day Mind and Body Challenge as a guide for my cleanse.  Wholeliving offers wonderful recipes, daily support emails, and weekly menus with delicious recipes.  Here on my blog, I will be writing about my cleanse experience and provide further recipe ideas and commentary.  You can access the Wholeliving Challenge here:

Check back in daily and please chime in on my facebook (Elizabeth Kaplan – Gluten Free) or blog with recipes, ideas, struggles, questions.

Fresh from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Book Review By Tina Turbin From!

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

In Fresh from Elizabeth’s Kitchen, author Elizabeth Kaplan utilizes her abundance of culinary education credentials and sincere care throughout her cookbook on each and every page to give us a variety of family-friendly gluten-free recipes. You can enjoy her well thought out personal recipes in a box form her own Gluten Free company, The Pure Pantry.

Elizabeth has a flair for developing recipes and cooking. She has a real eye for capturing “the moment”; the book is full of captivating still photography that invites you into her world, her family, and her kitchen.

I was pleasantly surprised at the range of recipes this book offers with a full chapter devoted to one of my favorite meals, breakfast. She presents so many ideas she makes breakfast fun all over again.

I tried out the recipes for Quick Cranberry Nut Coffee Cake, Lentil and Root Vegetable Soup, Asparagus and Leek Risotto, Sticky Toffee Pudding with Warm Caramel Sauce, and they all turned out absolutely delicious!

In my estimation, this book is one of the finest gluten-free cookbooks available. I also can not say enough about a woman who can run a family, run a company and write her own book.

Tina Turbin

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