Educational Autism Sites

Explore these educational sites to learn more about autism and how a gluten and casein free diet has been advocated in this community.

Educational Autism Sites

Autism GFCF Diet

Can removing gluten and casein from my child’s diet really improve the symptoms of autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)?

Autism NDI

Current research shows that many cases of autism result from an immune-system dysfunction that affects the body’s ability to break down certain proteins and combat yeasts and bacteria…

Valerie’s List

The purpose of this website is to list resources that may be useful to parents of children with autism…

Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue is an international movement of scientists and physicians researching the causes and treatments for autism, ADHD and chronic illness …

Autism Tree Project Foundation

Offers support for families with newly diagnosed children, provides free pre-school screening and community outreach.

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