If food is not being served and you need to bring your
own, don't rely on the
airport vendors!

Traveling Gluten Free

Since so many people are gluten free now, you can find gluten free cruise ships, camps that specialize in gluten free foods, and restaurants that have gluten free options. However, when you are traveling, I always advocate to take along your own food so that you are not stuck trying to find something to eat. Here are some travel tips for eating gluten free on the road.

For air travel:

Call the airline in advance. If food is being served, ask if there is a gluten free option. I was pleasantly surprised on a United Airlines flight when I was served a delicious seafood salad with fresh fruit. My husband jealously eyeballed my dinner while he ate over-cooked rubber chicken!

If food is not being served and you need to bring your own, don’t rely on the airport vendors! Go to your grocery store in advance and pick up a pre-made salad along with a yogurt and a snack like your favorite gluten free chips. Pack it all in a small lunch box with an ice-pack. Not only will you save money, you’ll also save time trying to hunt down something to eat in the airport.

Cruise ships:

We went on a wonderful cruise on the Holland America line to Mexico. We were so pleased that they accommodated our family with gluten free food at each meal. The chef even came out to talk to us to find out exactly what we’d like to eat. Throughout the trip we were able to eat pasta, sushi, seafood, desserts and much more. My kids were so excited when he brought them their own specially made gluten free cake on the last night!

Visit for some great gluten free travel resources.

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