Eating In

Many of us have been in situations where a host or hostess means well, but serves us a gluten containing food. What to do! This can be difficult to handle since you don't want to bring attention to yourself or seem ungracious. Here are some tips to help gain the support of your family and friends when you have gluten sensitivities.
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Eating Out

It is extremely difficult to eat out when you are allergic to gluten. Not only do you have to ask a lot of questions of your server, you may want to talk to the chef to ensure that he/she understands exactly what you can and cannot have. I have found the restaurant card that Celiac Travel produces to be very helpful, especially in foreign countries: You bring it with you and hand it to your server who shares the info with the chef. It takes the pressure off. However, you still should be very careful about what you order. Do not order anything that is breaded, fried, or made with sauces, unless you can confirm exactly what is in the sauce. »Read More

Shopping Gluten Free

Times have changed since I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1993. Then, gluten free groceries were scarce and tasteless. Now, I am so happy that stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and many natural foods stores are carrying tons of gluten free products and are marking their shelves with signs to help you find gluten free products more easily. Here are some tips for shopping gluten free...while keeping it healthy! »Read More

Traveling Gluten Free

Since so many people are gluten free now, you can find gluten free cruise ships, camps that specialize in gluten free foods, and restaurants that have gluten free options. However, when you are traveling, I always advocate to take along your own food so that you are not stuck trying to find something to eat. Here are some travel tips for eating gluten free on the road. »Read More


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