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Keeping a gluten free kitchen can be a challenge for people with celiac disease, especially if you are sharing it with family members or roommates that are not gluten free! Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen safe so that you stay healthy:

Cookware and bakeware: if your pans or bowls are being used to prepare gluten containing foods, you must make sure that you clean them thoroughly. I recommend first scrubbing them with soap and hot water and then putting them through the dishwasher. If you live with room mates and can’t guarantee that they are going to wash cookware and bakeware appropriately, purchase your own set and label them. Choosing a certain color of cookware, bakeware, plates, and mugs would deter room mates from using them. I recommend checking out Sur La Table for their variety of colorful kitchen cooking and baking equipment.

Pancake Griddle — Sur La Table has a wonderful “Skinny Griddle” that comes in a variety of colors.  You can get a colored one and designate it “gluten-free”.  It is currently on sale with free shipping.

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Skinny Pancake Griddle

Cutting boards: I recommend having a gluten free cutting board in the kitchen. Residue from bread crumbs and flour can hide on cutting boards and easily contaminate food.Again, choosing a certain color to designate it “gluten-free” will be helpful for family members, friends or room mates.

You can find colored cutting boards, spatulas and other kitchen utensils at Sur La Table, click here for details.










Toaster: It is safest to have a separate toaster oven and/or toaster. There are too many risks sharing one toaster due to cross contamination.  Buy a specific toast for your gluten-free bread, and again, keep with the color scheme so it is obvious to everyone that the toaster is designated “gluten-free”.

Kitchen Aide makes toasters in different colors, I love this red one….no one can mistake it is “my toaster!”

Kitchen Aide Gluten-free Designated Toaster

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